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24 Julho


The design, shape and scale of the proposed buildings seek to articulate a new project with the surrounding urban fabric that creates a transition between the scale of the future CUF Alcântara Hospital and the neighbourhoods to the north. The projections and depressions of the façade bring the scale of the object closer to the human scale.

In the design of the two new blocks there is a proposed widening of public space of Av. 24 de Julho to include three patios. The area that is dedicated to commerce and to other services on the groud level foresees the necessity to install programs that are inherent to the new hospital.

Taking into account that the program is largely residential a study of the façade was developed to paradoxically maximize transparency and privacy. The possibility to cover the building in a metallic skin-like grid, that would both protect against the exposure from the sun while maintaining transparency was also developed.

The design of the roof reminds one of the industrial pavilions that characterize the entire riverfront of the Alcântara area, and, once again, consolidates the relationship that the building establishes with the existing urban fabric. 


Gross Area:
24 643 m²
Surface Area:
10 222 m²