House in Lapa

Embraced from one side by the magnificent Estrela park, and from the other by breathtaking views of the Tagus, this residential project takes place in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of our beloved Lisbon: Lapa. The main goal of the project was to enhance the qualities of the original building, giving a fresh and […]

Guia House

This project took place in one Guia Casa-Mãe in Cascais. The house, developed mostly on the ground floor on a vast plot of land, was characterized by the rustic and simple architecture of the small houses of Cascais of the 20th century. This intervention was done in all divisions of the house as well as […]

Vila Real de Santo António

The project main goal is about recreating the matrix and proportions of the old town with a contemporary image, prioritizing the views and the relation with the river Guadiana. As well as the project aims to fit the urban plan, it also aims to clearly defines the private and public spaces in order to do […]

The optimistic

The optimistic Brunch, located in Almirante Reis, Lisbon, was designed to arouse feelings. Our aim was essentially to create a place that transmits tranquility in order to create comfort and a feeling of serenity. Thus, a new image was approached between classic and contemporary elements, creating a powerful aesthetic impact. The tropical and exotic wallpaper, […]

Diário de Notícias

The project is characterized by the rehabilitation and expansion of the building nº266 of Avenida da Liberdade, respecting the work of the architect Pardal Monteiro, so it is intended to maintain the language and image of the property, only wanting to reorganize it internally, in order to create independent fractions  and endow it with the […]

24 Julho

The design, shape and scale of the proposed buildings seek to articulate a new project with the surrounding urban fabric that creates a transition between the scale of the future CUF Alcântara Hospital and the neighbourhoods to the north. The projections and depressions of the façade bring the scale of the object closer to the […]

5 de Outubro

The present proposal for intervention in the property is characterized by the alteration of the facade, remodeling of the interiors with the creation of two commercial spaces on the ground floor and the alteration of the use of the upper floors for housing. The project contemplates significant global changes, starting with the reorganization of the […]


The idea behind this proposal is linked to a wish for transparency within the workplace. The general ambient of the office was envisioned as confortable and warm, while keeping a serious and sober attitude. The use of wood, dark thin steel window frames and raw flooring are intended to introduce a hint of refinement in […]

Carnaxide Offices

The present intervention proposal is characterized by the reformulation of the volume and redesign of facades, with a change in the use of industry for services, with the general objective of reinforcing the business attractiveness of the location area and of the municipality itself. In order to achieve this goal, we sought to integrate the […]


A new concept for the NOVO BANCO. Without customers there would be no bank. In recognition of its importance, we propose that the client’s space be the backbone from which all services are developed. We imagine the new concept of the bank as a leaf. The client space represents all the ribs that run through […]