S.Filipe Hotel

Located on a hill near the hillside of the São Luís mountain range, in the municipality of Setúbal, the project for the S.Filipe Hotel, a former military fort dating back to the 18th century, proposes the conservation of a part of the existing building and its extension. Regarding the need to reintegrate the present heritage, […]


This project was developed to fit all of the Hyatt Centric needs although the existing building’s characteristics force us to adapt some of them. The main goal was to create a fluid and easy connection between both buildings as they have different ground levels. The second floor is where we connect both buildings (it corresponds […]

Blue Palace

Historically recognized as Blue Palace, alluding to its exterior painting, this old pombaline building is delimited by Praça da Alegria and by the Street of Conceição da Glória, from the numbers 8 – 11 and 14 – 26. The project aims to clarify and reinforce the heritage value of the existing building, in a gesture […]

Rua da Palma 236

The present proposal was a tender for intervention in an old post office building on Rua da Palma for hostel. The changes at the external level would be occasional, based on the rehabilitation of the building. The entire interior would undergo changes associated with the new use and a need to accommodate 700 people. Taking […]

Av. da Liberdade 189

The project for this building, a palatial house dating from the mid-19th century at Avenida da Liberdade, proposed the conservation, alteration and expansion of the building and the construction of a new body to be built in the backyard area. This new body is proposed with an architectural language and contemporary materiality. The project maintains […]