Duque de Loulé Block

Gross Area
15,500 sqm

Duque de Loulé Block

The project focuses on eight plots contiguous to each other, in the same block bounded by Avenida Duque de Loulé, Rua Luciano Cordeiro, Largo das Palmeira e Rua de Andaluz, in the parish of Coração de Jesus.

This operation aims to create a single installment, on which will be implemented a set of residential buildings with one equipment and two shops on the ground floor that share a common parking.

This is a project of a housing development, which aims to attract and retain young couples in a consolidated area of Lisbon, bringing clear benefits in terms of underground parking, circulation inside the buildings, use of the public place as standard equipment, access control and security, fire protection and common living areas.

The total number of flats is 107, with the following typologies: 20 T0, 75 T1 e 12 T2, of which 86 are accessible flats (they respect the DL 163 of 2006). Of these accessible flats, 20 are T0, 58 are T1 and 8 are T2.
There will be two stores.