Faculty of Human Motricity Pavilion


Faculty of Human Motricity Pavilion – Cruz Quebrada, Oeiras

This building would be Jose Mourinho’s sports lab in the university that saw his development as a soccer coach.
The research lab would include biomechanics labs and several other research facilities. There will be a triple void space to the west that acts as a lobby and a buffer. The building will be powered by photovoltaics cells in the glass ceiling and facades.
The building will incorporate labs and offices, essentially. The labs will be located on the ground floor benefiting from:
– Greater structural stability, needed for several of them.
– Direct dial in some of those. The building will be as modular as possible, allowing to assume a greater number of functions.
On the double glass facade there is a gallery.
In the East facade, from the first floor, there is an outside metal stairway that accesses the second floor and roof. In the East and South facade, there is a circulation gallery, sealed only by an outside grill, without glasses, in the intire height of the facade, to shield and shade the building.
The facades aim to take modern finishes and textures, long-them resistant, like glass and stainless steel.