Praça de Touros


Praça de Touros

The surrounding area of the ancient Bullfight square, is a development located in the crossing of the two principal roads that connect Maputo to the airport.

This is a mixed use commercial project with 147 stores, an hotel with 340 rooms and 21 000 sqm, parking, 18 000 sqm of offices, a supermarket of 6 000 sqm, a cinema with 1 800 sqm.

Total parcel area of 33 797 sqm.

Parking places 1300.

The building develops in the actual area of the Bullfight Square, keeping its memory in a circular opening in the shading element of the square. This element remembers the past in a subtitle form of a cut in the fabric. This element not only gives us shade but also remembers the story of the country.
The shopping center is composed of a long volume with three levels that interconnects to the two squares. Those squares are spaces of decompression and well being. One is covered and the other is not. The materials of these volumes are concrete, steel and glass.