Retrofiting of Building

Gross Area
1,500 sqm
Surface Area
3,565 sqm

Retrofiting of building in Porto

This was a private contest for the reconversion of an industrial property with 4900 sqm, located in the Business area of Porto next to a subway station.

Taking advantage of the existing buildings, it intends to create commercial spaces and services that serve the regular users of the subway and create a new pedestrian link between the station platform and the Industrial Zone of Ramalde.

Preserving the industrial character and urban integration of the existing buildings, some changes were proposed changes in order to create bright and spacious spaces. To increase the convenience of the subway users, it was created a covered parking for bicycles.

Also for this purpose, in addition to the outside pedestrian route, a second route through the interior of the building was created. The projected commercial spaces are essentially for the local shops.