Vilamoura Hills – Lote 3.3

Gross Area
2047,76 sqm
Surface Area
2047,76 sqm

Vilamoura Hills – Lote 3.3 – Encosta das Oliveiras

Vilamoura Hills is an urban scale feasibility study project, located at Encosta das Oliveiras, with 2047,76 sqm of gross locable area.

The project is composed by lots, each lot helds a terraced house. These houses are going to be assisted residences for senior people. At one of the lots will be the Civic Center that will support the residences, this will house leisure and health activities.

The concept is to create a relaxed and quiet environment, through the use of earthen materials like brick in structural and coating terms, in its natural colour as well as painted in white. The walls will be white and the floors will be covered in light wood.