Zendequias Manganhela


Zendequias Maganhela

Located in the center of downtown Maputo, this building holds 120 private parking spaces in the basement and 220 parking spaces in car silo. In the ground floor there are two stores with 103 sqm. On the 4th floor there is a restaurant with 203 sqm and a large terrace. On 20th floor there is a 350 sqm gym and pool.

The building also includes 9000 sqm of office space on floors 5th to 19th .

Finally, floors 21th to 25th have different sizes apartments.

Implantation area 2 184 sqm.
Gross floor area 31 164 sqm.

The building was built on top of the green volume that covers the parking, and the two shops on the ground level. In the 4th floor we have a large terrace with a restaurant and a corresponding esplanade with direct acess to the parking. The volume for the office develops separately from car parking volume, at the level of the gym and the pool and the above floors, allowing the apartments to have a fantastic view.