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Logistics Montijo


Just near the national road N10, and near the train station, Pegões Gare this new Logistic Centre will provide large areas to establish the heart of industry that supplies the city of Lisbon and its surroundings industries.

The new 165.000 square meter complex – will be the largest facility of its kind in the Municipality of Montijo – it will include a six multi-client warehouses and distribution centres with state-of-the-art logistics capabilities and temperature-controlled compartments and cooler areas. It will have three-story corporate offices including large facilities for the company’s employees. Overall, the project features a unique, modern complex and interior design with considerable thought given to materiality, sustainability and innovation.

The layout plan of the complex provides the most flexible arrangement, and allows for a possible future expansion of the logistics centre to double size, i.e. more 165.000 square meters. The idea was to create an industrial complex and buildings that would go beyond the typical standardized solutions for logistic facilities, and to have a strong identity that would add an experiential quality to its surroundings.


Gross Area:
165 000 m²
Surface Area:
392 560 m²
Craveira - Pegões