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Sand Villa


The project is located in the heart of Comporta. Surrounded by a calm, wild green landscape, typical from this area, the distinguishing vegetation from Alentejo and the sea breeze come together as one.The space is very wide, it is one of the reasons why it is in great expansion, both in the tourism sector and in the building sector.Thus are born the premises that are in the base of this project: enhancing its position in the landscape, still raw, and creating a space in harmony with nature, by promoting the interaction between the exterior and interior experiences.

The volumes land on the ground, adapting themselves to its irregular form and sandy constitution. They follow the harmony of the surrounding landscape with their simple and tenuous volumetry, which is interrupted by the exterior path that distributes and connects all the different areas, starting in the exterior lounge and swimming pool, leading to the technical area and passing through the commons areas, the bedrooms and the kitchen.This path is the hinge between all the elements of the project. The  volumes are misaligned in order to enhance the light inside the spaces, directioning most of the openings to east and west.

The chosen materiality has a fundamental role in this project, being the natural material the most predominant ones.The main goal is to create a symbiosis between the nature of the place and the proposed construction through these materials. A feeling of fullness and unity is created between the exterior and the interior, using neutral tones and materials such as wood.