Logistics Azambuja

This new logistics centre is neighbor of an industrial area complex located in Azambuja. It is developed in an implantation of a building perpendicular to the railway track and organized in the existing urban industrial grid in an identical way to the pavilions that are to the east of the property. The idea was to […]

Abrunheira Business Center

The transformation of an old factory in a logistic centre was the kick-off for this project. This logistic centre houses two storage units, one warehouse, eight independent offices areas and one restaurant. The optimized planning of the location of the different spaces, both for storage and for offices, supported the success of this logistic unit. […]

Logistics Montijo 2

This complex is the natural expansion of the Logistics Montijo 1 and comprehends five logistic buildings with a total of 165.000 square meters. The high design functionality buildings of this complex were planned with a strong focus on sustainability never putting in second place the environment, e.g. the use of recycled materials in the construction […]

Logistics Montijo

Just near the national road N10, and near the train station, Pegões Gare this new Logistic Centre will provide large areas to establish the heart of industry that supplies the city of Lisbon and its surroundings industries. The new 165.000 square meter complex – will be the largest facility of its kind in the Municipality […]

Logistics Sintra

The logistics complex consists of a storage building, a commercial and service building, a filling and washing station for heavy vehicles, two guard houses and a water collection building (already existing). For the implantation of this complex, it takes advantage of the pre-existences so that its use can be enhanced, namely: the topography, the accesses […]