Complexo de Logística
Complexo de Logística
Complexo de Logística
Complexo de Logística
Complexo de Logística
Complexo de Logística
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Logistics Sintra


The logistics complex consists of a storage building, a commercial and service building, a filling and washing station for heavy vehicles, two guard houses and a water collection building (already existing).

For the implantation of this complex, it takes advantage of the pre-existences so that its use can be enhanced, namely: the topography, the accesses to the lot, the vegetal masses, the location of the industrial nave and a substantial part of the existing civil construction infrastructures.

The set of buildings proposed is characterized by a striking and contemporary language that, while sharing common features, is individualized by scale and particular uses.

The ordering of the complex also aims to optimize road routes – for light and heavy vehicles – for the distribution of the parking bags allocated to each building and the maneuver zones for loading and unloading heavy vehicles.

In the exterior arrangements, particular emphasis is given to the maintenance of the main vegetation massif already existing in the nascent area of ​​the lot and its complement with new green areas and tree alignments, with the use of low maintenance indigenous species.


Gross Area:
23 470 m²
Surface Area:
17 179 m²