André Caiado
Architect - Founder

The history of Contacto Atlântico merges with the history of its founder and CEO, Architect André Caiado, born in Lisbon in 1967.
Arch. André Caiado was first trained in the art and science of building design at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, where he graduated as an Architect, in 1990.
Arch. André Caiado then moved to Madrid, where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Informatics for Architecture, Urbanism and Real Estate Management. Still in ETSAM, he became Doctor Cum Laude in Technologies of Smart Building, in 1995, working simultaneously as an architect at IBM and then at Telefónica.

Back in Lisbon, Arch. André Caiado managed the Environmental and Architecture Departments at Novodesign, while teaching as a full professor in different universities, until 2017.
In 1996, Arch. André Caiado founded Contacto Atlântico, in Estoril. Today, Contacto Atlântico has more than 25 years of experience. What started as an architectural studio is now a recognised multi-skilled firm, with dozens of collaborators from all the areas of expertise related to building design.

Over the years he developed a big diversity of projects with national and international clients, such as the buildings of Diário de Notícias (Multiple Award Winner) and Quarteirão do Rossio (Built Heritage), two of his many successful works, in Portugal and abroad, making him one of the most remarkable architects in Portugal.

Arch. André Caiado still lectures at Architectural and Real Estate conferences all over the world and advises the E.U. as an Expert on Evaluation of Energy Efficient Urban Projects.

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