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Lisbon Office Complex


The present office complex was developed in a Post-Covid strategy. It is a group of buildings with about 14 000 sqm developped around a central courtyard. The aim of the office complex is to create an energy self-sufficient community, in parallel with the creation of efficient outdoor and indoor spaces capable of attracting company employees to the workplace.

With regard to the energy component, it is estimated that the complex has an energy consumption similar to its capacity to collect energy through photovoltaic panels and wind generators located on the buildings. The facades use a dual passive strategy of energy efficiency, horizontal visors that allow direct shading in summer, and a grilling of vertical plumbs that cause direct shading to all the facades exposed to the sun. These solutions are complemented by the choice of glass with different energy response characteristics for the different façades, thus producing clear economic savings. With regard to office interiors, these will be spacious, transparent and welcoming, creating inviting environments to attract employees to the office and to satisfy the pleasure of coming to the office, working collaboratively and meeting with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


Gross Area:
14000 M2
Surface Area:
21000 M2