Associação das Empresas Familiares

Located in Lisbon very center, the renovation project for this small office space is highlighted by its minimalistic design, where white and light wood are the main characters of the scene. An open space work area is distributed through a single continuous piece of furniture with the same finish as the floor, embracing the existing […]


Located in the iconic Torres das Amoreiras, in Lisbon, the proposal for the renovation of this office involves the design of two spaces of different functions, shades and materials, dividing through the flexible glass plan, respectively the work and reception area, of the meetings. The first, in wood, segmented through carpentry, respects a spatial hierarchy […]

24 Julho

The design, shape and scale of the proposed buildings seek to articulate a new project with the surrounding urban fabric that creates a transition between the scale of the future CUF Alcântara Hospital and the neighbourhoods to the north. The projections and depressions of the façade bring the scale of the object closer to the […]


This proposal is rooted in a search for well-being in the workplace. With that in mind, its space was designed as something organic, fluid and flexible, somewhat light and informal, with natural elements. This white/bright ambient is complemented with green walls that subtly divide the different work areas.


The idea behind this proposal is linked to a wish for transparency within the workplace. The general ambient of the office was envisioned as confortable and warm, while keeping a serious and sober attitude. The use of wood, dark thin steel window frames and raw flooring are intended to introduce a hint of refinement in […]

Carnaxide Offices

The present intervention proposal is characterized by the reformulation of the volume and redesign of facades, with a change in the use of industry for services, with the general objective of reinforcing the business attractiveness of the location area and of the municipality itself. In order to achieve this goal, we sought to integrate the […]


A new concept for the NOVO BANCO. Without customers there would be no bank. In recognition of its importance, we propose that the client’s space be the backbone from which all services are developed. We imagine the new concept of the bank as a leaf. The client space represents all the ribs that run through […]

Tower Fernão Magalhães

The idea of ​​the tower of Fernão Magalhães was to project a clear, elegant and bright building. Thus the proposal, was a tower with a glazed facade that reflects the light of the Tagus River and the light of Lisbon.