S. Julião

This proposal aims to remodel the existing building with a view to its rehabilitation and transformation into tourist equipment on the upper floors, including a restaurant on the ground floor. Outside, the building has a typical Pombaline design, with a subsequent alteration of the ceilings and modifications in the design of the ground floor openings. […]

Catarina Eufémia

The main objective of the project is to recover the memory of summer houses on the Portuguese coast through the reinterpretation of the vernacular architecture of the coast. Respecting the existing configuration, a type building was developed that serves as a matrix in the development of the entire urban complex. The proposal consists of 7 […]

24 Julho

The design, shape and scale of the proposed buildings seek to articulate a new project with the surrounding urban fabric that creates a transition between the scale of the future CUF Alcântara Hospital and the neighbourhoods to the north. The projections and depressions of the façade bring the scale of the object closer to the […]

Rua das Pretas

Project for the expansion, alteration and unification of two buildings located on Rua das Pretas 33-47. In summary, the present intervention proposal aims to rehabilitate these two buildings while maintaining their original design, preserving all the elements of both facades, the stone masonry walls and perimeter walls and the two existing stairway boxes. Over the […]

5 de Outubro

The present proposal for intervention in the property is characterized by the alteration of the facade, remodeling of the interiors with the creation of two commercial spaces on the ground floor and the alteration of the use of the upper floors for housing. The project contemplates significant global changes, starting with the reorganization of the […]

Diário de Notícias

The project is characterized by the rehabilitation and expansion of the building nº266 of Avenida da Liberdade, respecting the work of the architect Pardal Monteiro, so it is intended to maintain the language and image of the property, only wanting to reorganize it internally, in order to create independent fractions  and endow it with the […]

Douradores 160

This project aims to change the existing property located in the Douradores 160 Street, with 1255.21 sqm of gross locable area, which is almost a century-old building of offices. It is intended to change facades, especially with regard to the ground and rooftop floor, changing the use of ground floor for trade and the upper […]

Av. Sr. do Monte

The villa is built on a slope and is developed on two levels. The first floor is above the street about 1 meter, consisting of five rooms, a bathroom and stairs for access to Ground floor. The Ground floor consists of three rooms, kitchen and two bathrooms. The building probably dates from the 40’s. The […]

Marinha Villa

This thirty year old house with 500 sqm benefited from a remodeling and adequacy of the current reality, as well as a technical revision to solve problems arising from its age and use. The aim was full remodeling of the house, keeping only the structure, making it a much more commodious and practical house. The […]

Amoreiras Tower

This project retrofits an apartment with 197,75 sqm of gross construction area. Besides the correction of the aesthetic aspects, it was intended to realize a technical revision in order to provide the latest apartment technology and solve problems arising from age and use. The main assumptions for this intervention relate to the wastewater treatment of […]