Diário de Notícias

The project is characterized by the rehabilitation and expansion of the building nº266 of Avenida da Liberdade, respecting the work of the architect Pardal Monteiro, so it is intended to maintain the language and image of the property, only wanting to reorganize it internally, in order to create independent fractions  and endow it with the […]

Serra da Estrela

The Serra da Estrela Restaurant store has undergone an adaptation to the existing brand concept. In the intervention space, two ways of living coexist: a restaurant with seating in the dining room and a “service” line. A modern and sophisticated design is proposed in shades of brown and beige, with bronze tiles and wooden panels.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton store is characterized by the remodeling and alteration of existing areas, in order to provide them with the necessary characteristics for their proper functioning. The morphological and architectural particularities were kept and preserved in full, with only interior works, although without any change in the volume and areas of the building. The […]

Alentejo Restaurant

Alentejo Restaurant is a restaurant chain of typical dishes of the region that gives it its name. Contacto Atlântico was responsible for the creation of the conceptual design of the entire network and its development, which always takes place inside shopping centers. The chosen color palette, textures and geometries will transmit a sophisticated and natural […]

Jamie’s Pizzeria

The Pizzeria Jamie Oliver located at n.12 of the Rua do Loreto is the result of the teamwork of Contacto Atlântico with the British architects of the famous Chef. The work consisted mainly of materializing the image of the brand, adapting it to the place. This is how the first Jamie Oliver Pizzeria in the […]

The Green Affair Restaurant

Located on the famous Lisbon Avenue Duque de Ávila, in a palatial building, takes place the vegetarian restaurant Green Affair. The concept designed for it, where earthy colors such as brown or dark green will wrap the rooms. As conductive elements of these spaces, there is a pavement marked in different wood tones and a […]

Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

The aim of the action was to remodel and rearrange the existing areas in order to equip them with the necessary features for the adequate functioning of Jamie’s Italian restaurant, firm of Jamie Oliver international chef. The morphological  and architectural characteristics have been kept and preserved in their totality. The project is developed on 3 […]

NYX Store

This project is characterized by an alteration of the main façade and rehabilitation of the interiors in order to equip the building with the technical and functional features that suites its new use the most. The building is located in Rua do Loreto, all the original morphological and architectonical qualities have been completely preserved. The […]

Padaria do Bairro

Padaria do Bairro is characterized by being an interior and brand identity design. The goal was to create Padaria do Bairro´s identity and come up with the concept of neighborhood bakery with an image of modernity, with a relaxed atmosphere. The wood, the hydraulic tiles and the metals are an essential part of textures and […]

Prada Store Lisbon

Our intervention was guided by suiting the space to its future use, de­molishing all the walls that had been constructed in renovations of the original building. Regarding the perimeter walls and ceilings, we proceeded to create false coating solutions, using plaster, in order to minimize the contact with the original walls and ceilings. This solution […]